Stadium Expansion Overview

The designs and renderings featured on this page were created by Matt Hardiman – a University of Alabama fan. He is in no way associated with the University of Missouri, nor is he employed by any Architectural firm that is working for the University – he simply has a strong passion for SEC football and stadium architecture. Here's the letter Matt included when he submitted these graphics to :

I would like to give you guys a late welcome... I think Mizzou was a great addition to the SEC. I'm originally from Tennessee, but I was born and raised an Alabama fan, and that's where I live now. Last September – when rumors began swirling that y'all were joining A&M in leaving the Big12 – I started to study up on you guys by lurking around on message boards (like and reading about potential upgrades to Memorial Stadium / Faurot Field. The more I studied, the more I realized how much potential it had.

When your Athletic Department released some artist renderings a few months ago, I began drawing "my vision" of Faurot Field 3-Dimensionally using MicroStation. I really don't have any connection to Missouri (other than my grandfather and a friend)... I just love designing stadiums and being able to see my thoughts and ideas come alive on screen. I've modelled other stadiums as well, including Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Mizzou has a great program, and I wish y'all the best of luck in the SEC. And by the way, Alabama had an all-time winning record against every member of the SEC until Mizzou came along... so now we (Bama) are going to have to reclaim that fact in the next couple of years. I look forward to the trip to Columbia this year, and I hope y'all get to make a return trip to Tuscaloosa in 2013.

— Matt Hardiman

Note: These stadium expansion concepts are NOT official plans of MU. Please read the overview section (above) for more information.
Phase I
The Hill & Field-Level Additions
  • Add permanent seating to "The Hill", while preserving the Rock "M"
  • Add luxury suites and five field-level rows behind each endzone
  • Add a "jumbotron" display & sound system behind the Rock "M"
  • New seating capacity: 72,000 - 74,000
Phase II
East-side Addition
  • Add an upper deck, and two-and-a-half decks of luxury suites
  • New seating capacity: 80,000 - 82,000
Phase III
South-side Addition
  • Add an upperdeck, three decks of luxury suites, one club level, and two jumbotrons
  • New seating capacity: 89,000 - 91,000
Phase IV
West-side Overhaul
  • Demolish pressbox/suites and build new structure that matches the east (with new pressbox)
  • New seating capacity: 95,000 - 97,000
Phase V (Optional)
This final phase shows what the stadium would look like if it were fully "enclosed". The consensus opinion, however, is that the stadium would look best after the completion of Phase IV (above), leaving the north-side "open". Therefore, this final phase is optional.
North-side Expansion
  • Add an upperdeck, three decks of luxury suites, one club level, and two jumbotrons, to match the south-side
  • New seating capacity: 104,000 - 106,000