Message to Governor Nixon

October 1, 2011

Governor Nixon,

When recently asked to comment on Missouri's possible move to the SEC, you had the following to say:

"Governors don't vote on it... Obviously I'm a sports fan... I have confidence that the people representing our system are informed and will make the appropriate decisions... I don't want to inject myself into it."

As alumni and fans, we understand the politics of your statement but would like your help in convincing the Board of Curators that a move to the SEC would greatly benefit the university. Our biggest concern is that a fear of change, and pressure from other Big 12 schools, could influence the decision making process. The University of Missouri must look out for itself the same way Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M have.

The vast majority of Mizzou fans want out of the Big 12, but we need your help to make it happen. We respectfully ask that you put pressure on the key decision makers to do what is best for MU's future by fully pursuing this rare opportunity.

Mizzou Nation